Training now gets serious….

1st long ride of the new year and it was not too bad…Maurice, although he was in the gym over Christmas seemed to have left his legs in bed hehe! Very windy on Sunday with the wind coming from the north east rather than south west meant we were huffing into a strong headwind most of the first half of the ride. I prefer this as it makes it easier for the back half. Even with this helping hand I’m afraid the 50 mile time was still pretty poor at 3hrs 25mins

Need to up the game…good job we have six months to get quicker.

One of the numerous blogs I have read includes an account by a guy who rode with Discover Adventure. His advice was to worry less about the top speed of riding and more on your average speed. LeJoG is not a race, the team all pedal at different speeds so as long as you have the stamina to maintain a respectable 15mph you will manage the ride.

We shall see…I’ll post the training plan and measure my actual performance against it in due course. I have been measuring weight loss too so all will be interesting stats to view.

I’m also a little concerned, the blog describes how he rode 4500 miles in training and peaked at 200 miles a week before he set off – this is not possible for me, I just won’t have the time and do the daily commute to London.

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