Another Sunday another 50 miles

Cold today – easier than last week without the wind but still not getting any faster. I’m now a stone lighter than I was and been training on the indoor turbo trainer twice last week so was disappointing wasn’t quicker….personally I blame Maurice, if he took a go on the front I could latch onto his wheel like some sort of remora fish on a shark…sadly he was out yesterday and during the week (150 miles this week!) so was a bit tired out…..

2 thoughts on “Another Sunday another 50 miles

  1. Haha – you are so funny Jim. I thought I did give you a chance to latch on when I took the lead at Bixley drive???

    I hope I am going to be given a right to reply on all these jokes at my expense on this blog!!!

    I will take a personal note that I should pull you round to a faster time on our next ride and not let you take all the limelight at the front.


    1. Ha of course you are – democracy rules here…not sure I’m going to be fit for anything this week – this bug has knocked me for six, barely been able to get out of bed. Hope I feel better soon, some of the training mileage’s of people writing LeJoG blogs are considerable and I’ve lost nearly two weeks from this virus…


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