Sick as a dog…but preparations progressing

Well no training this week then…came down with some form of bubonic plague on Monday and struggled into work on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday proved too much for me and I came home, looks like I’m going to be laid up for the rest of the week all washed out with a temperature and aching all over.

This means no indoor training this week and has almost certainly knocked Saturdays ride on the head…to be honest the weathers been very challenging this week and just cycling to work Monday Tuesday and Wednesday was hard and although lying in bed Thursday was grim at least I could comfort myself I didn’t have to get up and ride down to the station in a force nine gale.

Discover Adventure have written to us and advised we have 18 bods booked on the trip in June…there is a minimum of 20 for the ride to go ahead so I’m fairly confident the trip’s a flyer – all very exciting! People are now posting on the Facebook page too so getting a sense of who people are through their posts.

Discover Adventure have also linked to a blog of a girl who rode the trip last year, always good to have background. Not sure buying a bike only a month before the trip is something I would recommend but always good to hear of other experiences. DA plainly have a rider good support system in place they use on the ride. I’m now really looking forward to the ride and pretty frustrated I can’t train this week, the fitter you are the easier and more enjoyable it will be. However this week is a washout.

We’ve got to book our accommodation for the night before the start in Penzance (DA will do this for us so score!) and the courier to send the bike back at the end (DA again). We’ve already booked easyJet to fly back from Inverness. Roll on June! Our friend Marion has kindly offered to drive us down at the start and cheer us on over the first few days so a great boost for Maurice and me at the start.

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