It never rains but it pours…

Had a good weekend riding on Good Friday and Easter Sunday (60 and 50 miles respectively) however having real problems with my satnav which is no longer holding a battery charge…I end up with funny track records like the one below:

I am a bit concerned – the satnav is necessary for LEJoG and is what I use to record all my rides…I’m skint at the moment too so will struggle to replace it (it’s only two and a half years old – not happy it’s not working!)

Its also been pouring down with rain too (bank holiday weekend!) when I’ve not been riding so had a bit of a facer riding through Hoo. The road is often under water however is usually only a couple of inches deep. After I got half way through the flood it was a bit late to find out it was nearly a foot deep and I was running out of momentum…the water came halfway up my calves and was well over my winter boots. Two hours of riding with cold wet feet later I got home a wiser man!

Looking at the picture above I realise I need to pay a bit more attention! It’s obviously about 8 feet deep!

All in all a good weekend – I managed to hit my weeks training target and had Mum and Dad over for weekend. Had a jolly pint in the Fat Cat too so SCORE!

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