March’s training record and weight loss chart

Well March was quite successful in achieving my training plan goals.  I was able to do 94% of the proposed mileage and over 100% of the training hours.  The bad weather fortunately did not restrict me the way it has some of the others on the ride.

The weight is still coming down too…I think I would like to lose another four or five pounds but broadly speaking I’m in pretty good shape (think I’m the lightest I’ve been for nearly 25 years!) 

If the Internet runs true to form this post will suddenly attract a flurry of automated likes from a bunch of blogging robots with a suggestion I should follow their diet and nutrition sites in return.  The fact that no one has actually looked at this site (but liked it regardless) really annoys me!

There are now at least 28 cyclists signed up for the ride in June so it shaping up to be a fun event. Maurice and I have a training weekend planned in the Peak District on the first weekend in May which should be a chance to get some hills in with James Hurrell and also a long sportive (Suffolk Sunrise) later in May.  

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