Bank holiday hill climbing

Had a superb weekend in Cheshire riding across the Cheshire plain and up some hills in the Peak District. On Saturday we had a super climb up Brickworks in Pott Shrigley (very popular with local cyclists – fabulous views at the top) and came back via the Cat and Fiddle and Macclesfield Forrest. The weather was superb – glorious weather.

The Cat and Fiddle is now shut – not enough trade during the week – but it used to be the highest Inn in England (a subtle distinction as I think there are a bunch of highest pubs and hotels elsewhere). Fortunately there was a burger van parked in the lay-by opposite that allowed us to get water and a cup of tea. I was very hungry in the morning and ran through all my food before lunch – memories of the sugar knock two weeks ago drove me to take no risks with the feeding!

On Sunday we rode back to the Peaks and climbed the Cloud and rode through Wildboarclough (where the last wild boar was shot in England I seem to remember). Another glorious day and tons of memories stirred in me as we rode through places in Cheshire I last cycled through 32 years ago!

Plenty of James Hurrell’s home brew was drunk (excellent stuff – gingery beer) as well as sampling his Lithuanian whisky (it all got a bit blurry at the end).

I ate quite a lot of bread which I’ve not eaten much of over the last nine months with astonishingly unpleasant consequences! Poor Maurice was at a singular disadvantage in the car…amazing that a change in diet can affect a chap so much.

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