Day 1: Lands End to Liskeard – approx. 74 miles

Day 1 - Lands End to Liskeard

Had a shocker of a nights sleep, it’s always the same before the start of a big cycle ride. It’s also a lumpy and challenging day – rather unfair to be so early in the tour however no sense in complaining, tomorrow is supposed to be worse! Weather forecast is for strong northerly winds and highs of no more than 17 degrees so James Hurrell is looking happy, he says he struggles in the heat.

Met most of the other riders last night, they all seem a very jolly bunch and despite my good intentions had three pints of beer, according to one of my compadres death, pestilence and terror will visit my land as a result! A likely story! James dished the new shirts out so we should all look very cool for at least the start.

Highlights today should be views of St Michael’s Mount (many years ago when I was 18 we cycled in the pouring rain to Mont St Michele in Normandy and Im looking forward to seeing its British counterpart) and seeing the pretty Cornish countryside.  Traffic can sometimes be a nightmare so we will have to take care on the narrow lanes.


Mileage was originally billed as ‘approximately’ 80 miles – somehow this vagueness does not fill me with confidence, though it’s been revised downward to 74 miles with the revised itinerary.  I always remember our old Venture Scout Leader Ollie Evans promising days that were ‘about’ 50 miles which actually were 59 miles…still hope and first day enthusiasm should carry us through.

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