Hemingway obviously never visited Cornwall….

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them” – Ernest Hemingway

we had a great days riding today but Lordy the hill were up and down – 2343 meters in total, 7,687 feet in old money! 1.45 miles!

Coming from Suffolk the idea of hills is a novelty so it’s been good to do some climbing today. Regardless feeling strong!

I created some route notes for the team to stick to the top tube of their bikes – just like the pros – and I’ve had nothing but complaints!

I think the problem is that Devon and Cornwall is so hilly I had to filter which climbs counter as hills….so if it was less than 5% or less than a mile then it didn’t make the list….there were a couple of 16% hills that didn’t make the card which was a bit of a nasty surprise for them 😂

Anyway always useful, now into the Somerset levels so the ridings much more forgiving.

Detailed report to follow!

2 thoughts on “Hemingway obviously never visited Cornwall….

  1. Jim! Awesome riding there my friend, it’s great to hear all that training has paid off. I’m sure you’d be feeling a bit more ‘stretched’ if you hadn’t worked so hard already. Keep up with the blog too, I’ve only caught up with it this evening but it’s proven to be a very good read.
    Cycle on dear boy!

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