Day 4: Bristol to Shrewsbury – approx. 104 miles

Day 4 - Chepstow to Shrewsbury

The second longest day of the ride! The revised itinerary (I suspect the numbers riding have caused the stops to be jiggled about) has created some short days and some really long ones…think today is going to cause some pain for people not used to long hours in the saddle.

We start by crossing the Severn Bridge which I crossed a few years ago when we cycled from Newport to London – a petty lively experience if the wind is blowing!

The first part of today’s ride after crossing the Severn I have been looking forward to enormously.  After I turned 40 Penny and I drove down the Wyre Valley to Tintern Abbey which is beautiful!  Hopefully if we get the chance we can stop and admire the ruins.  We head through Hereford, a lovely town which on my last visit appeared to be full of Goths…about 20 years after the last one was hunted to extinction in Manchester.  Maybe they are a protected species in Hereford, will keep my eyes out for Emo’s  when we spin through it.

After this its onward to Shrewsbury (pronounced SHREWsbury not SHROWSbury…the waiter in the Indian restaurant confirmed this on our last visit).  We rode this route a couple of years ago and its lovely but with some challenging hills after Bishops Castle (very pretty but some steep hills).  The route profile indicates we may miss the worst of them but will keep an eye out just in case.

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