Day three – addendum

I forgot to mention a couple of bits of note yesterday…James and I crossed the Avon and passed through a park in Clifton and cane across a statue of James Starley.

James Starley 1831-1881 is considered the father of the British bicycle industry. His innovations to the Penny Farthing included tangential spokes, ball bearings, rubber tyres and hollow frames. Of course with a statue of such an influential man James decided there was only one thing to do:

I think the Ghost of James Starley was close because as soon as James remounted his bike to move on he suffered a classic ‘can’t uncleat in time moment’

Serves him right! He earned himself a nomination for the Outil D’Or that night!

Previously Simon Fisher had been told off for swearing too much climbing Dartmoor and as a result had been provided with a list of British place names to use instead. It was gratifying therefore to hear James shout


Instead of swearing as he hit the floor!

Late that evening the Outil D’Or was however awarded to Jono Estell. Whilst James was a strong contender the awards committee felt that gelling your hair with Sudocreme rather than hair wax was more deserving of recognition!

The illuminated spectacles of awesomeness went to Lauren Sanderson who was the fastest LeJogger up Cheddar Gorge and the 8th fastest that day! You could hear Maurice grinding his teeth from the back of the room hehe!

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