Day 6, evening update…

A jolly evening at the hotel culminated in the high point of my evening – the dinner!

DA arrange for us to eat in the restaurant and Premier inn do a good varied menu. I can however recommend not ordering the vegetarian noodles with grilled chicken.. it was horrid! Fortunately Debbie had not eaten her chips or burger so I did not starve!

My old friend Will Notcutt turned up to cheer us on, he had a business meeting north of Carlisle tomorrow so it was great to see him…

He’s going to take mine and Maurice’s dirty laundry home with him – service above and beyond the call of duty if you ask me but thankfully he didn’t! I’m so glad to lose some of the unwanted weight!

Then it was the main event, the illuminated glasses of awesomeness went to the Discover Adventure crew for two reasons. First was the fabulous chilli cooked at lunch for us (everyone agreed it really hit the spot) and secondly Jack (the water stop specialist) turned 24! Happy birthday Jack!

The crews efforts and support are most appreciated!

Finally it was the award of the Outil D’Or…Kate was well in the lead with her conversation with DA’s Ed at lunch…

Ed: ‘Chilli?’

Kate: ‘Yes it was at the top but it’s warmer in here!’

However James had other ideas…

He recalled a minor incident where I jumped on my bike, slipped in the pedals and cunningly broke my fall on the cross bar…I may have been singing soprano for a short while but it was not really that important to give me the Outil D’Or!

I was a hundred percent happy to receive this I can tell you!

Anyway time for bed, a flatter day tomorrow but still 95 miles. Into Scotland, the adventure continues!

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