Day 7: Carlisle to Kilmarnock – approx. 94 miles

Day 7 - Carlisle to Kilmarnock

This will be another 90+ mile day with 992 meters of climbing so we will see how the legs hold up. We had a great day yesterday and we all felt good once we had arrived at the hotel so hopefully everyone is in the swing of things now.

We start by riding through Gretna Green, famous for being a place where you can get married on the spot.  The marriage laws changed in England in the middle of the 18th Century and as such required parental consent to get married before you were 21.  Scottish law was different and the first town over the Scottish border was Gretna Green which became a hot spot of elopement.

Apparently, thousands of couples got married after running over the border (with the father in law in hot pursuit it made sense to get wed at the first opportunity).

I’m looking forward to seeing Gretna Green no doubt there will be the ringing of the anvil as we go through (they got married in the blacksmiths shop – nope no idea why you would want to either, apparently the romance of the sound of metals being forged was symbolic of the blacksmith joining couples together in the heat of the moment, binding them for eternity or some such tosh).

For the record any young swain who wants to marry my daughter had better have me there!

Later on we shall see the oldest post office (presumably in the world) in Sanquar…hopefully still in business unlike the one on Heath Road in Ipswich!

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