Shut up legs!

“When my legs hurt, I say: “Shut up legs! Do what I tell you to do!” – Jens Voigt

Today’s quote comes from Jens Voigt. He once rode part of the 2010 Tour de France on a child’s bike (he crashed and had to borrow a boys road bike from a spectator to catch up with his team car). He is a living legend and here is a picture of me with him – what a guy!

Shut up legs is appropriate because we have been booting it down the A76, my rear wheel is making some alarming noises and if I get to the bike shop by 3.30 they will true the wheel for me….do NOT want to break a spike in the highlands.

Jens’s autobiography is very entertaining – highly recommended!

Also below is a picture of me and Olympic Gold Medal (team pursuit) winner Owain Doul. Just to shut any critics up who said I’d never wear get an Olympic gold medal around my neck – the picture is there for all to see!

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