Day 8: Kilmarnock to Inveraray – approx. 80 miles

Day 8 - Kilmarnock to Inveraray

Today is mostly coastal riding and a jolly boat ride across the strait to Dunoon (no its not cheating!).  Last time I was here we had what I thought was quite a wet ride until we rode out of Inveraray two days later – now that was rain.

It all looks mercifully flat apart from the double climb at the end of the day. We cycled out of Inveraray last year in the opposite direction and up to the ‘Rest and be Thankful’ waypoint.  This was a horror of a climb in shockingly wet conditions.  Our route fortunately only joins it halfway up before descending into Inverary.  Inveraray is a lovely little town, very picturesque, with a castle (home of the Campbells-Yay!), Victorian jail and some nice pubs.  Seem to remember the curry house had shocking reviews on tripadvisor so will remember to give that a miss…

Inveraray is on the shore of Loch Fyne so should be a hot bed of smoked fish…like all these things its at a premium so I won’t expect any for tea.  We are in Scotland so hopefully there will be Glasgow salad (chips) and Irn Bru to sustain us.

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