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No long distance challenge would be complete without trying to do some good for the community.  This year the Ipswich Round Table has chosen to support Fresh Start – new beginnings and as a past Chairman/President of Ipswich Grefriars Round Table I am happy to pledge my support to this local cause.

Fresh Start – new beginnings was set up to provide a theraputic service for children and young people across Suffolk and Norfolk who have reported being sexually abused and to offer support to their families.

Their aim is to help children and young people make sense of the confusion they feel and to teach them coping strategies to deal with the difficulties they face.  Fresh Start – new beginnings highlight their strengths and potential so that they are able to move from victim to survivor.

Please remember all donations go straight to Fresh Start – new beginnings, no part of any donation pays for any of my costs – you are not sponsoring me to go on holiday!

You can connect to my justgiving page here

Please donate if you can, I will be sharing the highs and lows of the ride here on the blog