The Roberts Randonneur

Its a Roberts Randonneur…One of the last to be made by Chas Roberts of Croydon before he retired.  I always liked the Roberts brand – 60 years of hand built British cycling history from a place I used to live (Croydon).

Tubing is all Columbus – oversized life tubing for the main frame elements with Columbus SKS stainless steel tubing making up the rear triangle.  Polished frame lugs connect all the main elements together (bit bling but this was a once in a lifetime purchase for me so I felt a touch of glam was appropriate).  The cycle is designed and specified for riding 100 mile sportifs, light touring and LeJog so has Ultegra triple drive train, mudguards and a set of hand built Harry Rowland Wheels.  Tyres are Continental Four Seasons.

Pictured below is my usual touring fig, Carradice Super C SQR Tour post mounted saddle bag and a small handlebar bag.  Less is definitely more when it comes to luggage for a light tour.